Saturday, 23 November 2013

33dc day 27...3 patterns

It's getting towards the end of anti bullying week and I haven't yet posted about it. I decided to rectify that with today's challenge post. The anti bullying awareness ribbon/wrist band is blue so I started there with polished by kpt blue smardi and a taras talons nail art pen in, I think, blueberry. The ribbons achieved my first pattern. The second two I went for noughts and crosses. I'm not entirely sure why tbh.... partly I suspect because I heard Malorie Blackman on desert island discs in Sunday and that was a title for one of her books lol. I guess it's apt in that the book is about discrimination and what is discrimination if not bullying? She has said that she chose the title because noughts and crosses is a childhood game that nobody ever plays once they grow up because nobody ever wins. A poignant statement in the context of the book series and the idea of bullying. Who wins really? The bully feels no better and someone else feels a heck of a lot worse.
Bullying is not something I've experienced on a personal level, though I've seen it occur to those around me. And I've been accused of *being* a bully. I hope against hope that was a false accusation cos bullying can destroy lives. I haven't always been as kind as I should and I'm certainly no Angel, I've taken arguments further than is fair and have held grudges.... But I hope I've never set out to systematically destroy someone just to make myself feel better. And that's what bullies do. They victimise others they perceive as weaker until the person believes what they're being told so wholeheartedly that they start to bully *themselves*. And that's a thought process I DO relate to.
We're impressionable when we're young and the things we're told can have s long lasting effect on how we think as adults.... something that seems like just a bit of fun to one person can be the beginning of a mindset that leads to depression anxiety agoraphobia bulimia self harm ocd panic disorder anorexia alcohol and drug abuse and so on and so forth for someone else. 
And then, just as you think you're free and in the adult world, you release that bullying doesn't stop just cos we're meant to be grown ups. It can be more subtle, and often more overlooked, but it's still there lurking in the background.
Bullying IS serious no matter who's doing it and what they're doing.... oof it makes you feel less worthy than them, if it scares you, if it stops you being you then it's wrong and it needs to stop. 
Hence my anti bullying nails.
If you're looking for help try the anti bullying alliance or just do a Google search for anti bullying. It's not ok and it is curable. I promise. X