Thursday, 21 November 2013

Challenge cheating-tutorial and pinterest

Hmm so in the interest of getting back on track I'm multitasking... Or my nails are.
Basically I'm following two different things on pinterest: WAGGS (guiding) and 'purple'... yea I never really got into it! There was a WAGGS 'stop the violence' thing I wanted to do but it was fiddly and my hands are shaky today :p lol any excuse. So I chose to just do something purple and count that Haha.
That brings me to the tutorial bit I followed this tutorial from one nail to rule them all. Pretty glittery bows.... and within my skill level give or take. Admittedly mine aren't as pristine as hers but I liked the result enough to actually do it in both hands and wear it lol. So that's that. Better figure out something to do tomorrow!