Friday, 22 November 2013

belle glamour-swatch, review, competition

Trying new brands is always exciting, especially budding UK indies- why let the  Americans have all the fun? :P. So when Catriona from Belle cosmetics asked for bloggers to buy her polishes to swatch ahead of her launch I couldn't resist.
First thing to say is I placed my order in the darkest depths of Sunday night/Monday morning... and by Tuesday morning there was a package on my doorstep. Good start :).
And what did said package contain? Well two sets of false nails which I'll write about soon, a rimmel polish, two free glitters aaaand these beautiful things:

Why yes my coffee table is a state, but asides from that, pretty no? From left to right: midnight, sensational, limelight and passionately purple.

This is a metallic charcoal type colour. A good store cupboard staple. I confess i already own a very similar colour but i dont like it, hence buying a replacement. And it's a vast improvement. I love the formula a lot, it's so easy to apply thick enough to control without being crazy gloopy. I used two coats and topped it with seche vite. Without the top coat it actually dried slightly matte/satin which was quite nice but i didn't think to take pics of that sorry.

This colour is awesome. I love it. Bright polishes with black fleck are one of my favourite things. This one has a tiny silver fleck too and a scattering of magenta glitter. I own waaay too many polishes but I don't own anything like this. Again it was amazingly easy to apply, i barely did any clean up and that's some kind of miracle for me haha. I did do three coats for this, if you don't mind a hint of sheerness two would be ok, but you know me and opacity.

As you can see, it comes up a lot more magenta than it appears in the bottle which surprised me a little. Still in love though haha.


Vibrant no? I'm not a huge green person so i bought this more for nail art than anything...except when i wore it to work i got compliments from three of my ladies (most of whom got bored of my incessant polish changes ages ago lol) so i may have to rethink that! This is a real 'spring green' very vibrant and cheerful. On the nail there's quite a lot of yellow in there too...and a lot of shimmery, metallicy juiciness. Can you tell i liked this? Haha polish is full of surprises. Again the formula is great and again i used three coats plus seche. I didn't strictly need the third coat tbh but i smeared :p. Oh this and the pink dried a lot more gloss than midnight did. i went mad and took two pics of this one cos it looks different in different lights

Passionately purple

Ah purple! Of course i had to pick the purple. Yea i have lots of purples, some quite similar to this so it's not a shockingly.unique colour...but you can never, ever have too many purples. The formula on this was  ever so slightly more sticky...but that's just being picky. I used two coats except for a couple of fingers that needed touching up. Again without top coat there was a slight satiny finish, pics are topped with seche. I like that it's quite a pale purple, almost pastel in some lights, which is unusual in a metallic polish. So yea i probably didn't technically need it but i still love it!

Forgive the bumpy thumb i painted them late at night lol.

phew! I can't really comment on wear as i never leave polish on long enough but i did wear all of these for either a morning at work or ringing practice before photographing so *shrug*.
If im really, really nitpicking i'd like the polish names on the bottles...i know it doesn't really make any difference but not knowing bugs me :p.

Finally, Catriona is running a competition right now so why not try your luck?

Highly recommend :). X