Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Oh dear I'm getting worse at this instead of better! In my defence I barely know what day it is in general half the time lol.
I also really, really need to sort out my in linkz codes.... it's just irritating on my phone and I'm lazy!
Aaaanyway. Today is 'your favourite pattern'... and the other reason I didn't use bellringing for Monday's theme of lines. Cos I used it today lol. At the end of the day ringing lines will always and forever be my favourite pattern.... even if it is stretching the theme a tad. They are patterns though, all ringing is about is patterns of numbers, different pairs of bells switching to create new sequences....hopefully with musical results lol.
Oh one day I'll do a proper bellringing post.... cos I love it and it's been such a positive factor in my life (rather like polish lol). But today I want to talk specifically about the method I've chosen to paint on my nails. It's called stedman doubles, the doubles simply means it's on five bells (usually with a sixth keeping the beat 'at the back' or 'bonging'). The stedman bit is someone's name. Fabian stedman was a change ringer a long time ago, and I mean a long time ago This year we're commemorating the 300th anniversary of his death so we're talking about him ringing in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. What's important about stedman is that he is one of the forefathers of method those squiggly little lines all over my nails. The development of the art of having more than two bells switching places at once. He also collaborated to write the first book in the subject of change ringing.... which has the amazing title 'tintinnalogia' (nothing to do with a ginger cartoon character with a quiff lol).
Sorry I'm rambling, it's really hard to explain ringing stuff without using a load of meaningless jargon lol. But I love it so you've had to put up with it sorry, it won't happen again for a while lol. X
Ps. For anyone who actually knows about ringing: no the dodges on thumb and pinky aren't quite right it just looked better that way oops :p. X