Thursday, 28 November 2013

Just a quick nail post

Yea nothing of any particular substance today cos I'm shattered. Nails today are rimmel space dust in luna love. And can I just pause for a moment here to say 'omg I love this polish'. Im a big fan of raspberry, cerise-y, fuschia colours anyway.... and, it turns out, am rapidly becoming a textured polish convert. And I never thought I'd say that lol. The recent textureds are a lot finer than the ones I originally tried though so maybe that's it. Oh and the sparkle is beautiful... Who doesn't love sparkle at Christmas?
Sorry tangent. I get hugely carried away with pretty much every new polish I buy. And since I spent nearly forty quid in boots the other day the are a few atm. That's without an order from tarastalons...Oh and polish club of course... and all those polishes sitting in my etsy cart cos they're all too beautiful and I can't decide!
And my apology for the tangent just turned into another tangent. Smooth. Anyway the dots are 17 silver holo. And it was neater honest but I'm had a busy day with friends :) and they're now a little tired (like me! Lol). Lastly, I'm sure I copied this design from a mani I saw ages ago. I think even the colours are similar, unfortunate it's so long ago I've forgotten who! So if it was you in sorry I can't give you credit but thank you. X