Tuesday, 26 November 2013

33dc challenge day whoevenknowsanymore?

Haha I'm failing at inspiration totally at this point. But today's (or yesterday's actually oops!) theme 'lines' makes me think of two things. One is bellringing, and I did I ringing design not so long ago...plus it's fiddly and I was feeling lazy yesterday. The other is art deco. I like, a lot.... and besides I've just returned from climbing lots of tall at deco buildings in new York lol.
Seems like several people had the same thought on this one lol. I went for Black and gold because... Well I like it lol. And I wanted an excuse to try out the black nails Inc polish that came free with glamour :p.  Appropriately enough it's called New York noir, so shall I pretend I deliberately decided on a NY theme? The gold is maybelline winner takes it all. And the lines are wonky lol.

Bonus shot is my original attempt at a 'lines' mani which occurred whilst very drunk lol. It was based around the colours for the trichotilomania/dermatilomania etc awareness ribbon. These are compulsive disorders, either hair pulling or skin picking to an extreme level for psychological reasons. I don't want to tag it on here but I'll do a proper post about this group of disorders at some point.
Oh well, night. X