Friday, 29 November 2013

33dc day scarilyclosetothirtythree

Getting there! Today is 'same pattern different colours'... At least I hope it is, that's what I've done lol. Every time I push the word 'pattern' closer and closer to the extremes of its definition :s. Anyway.
My pattern is awareness ribbons. You may have noticed I do them a lot Haha, in fact I almost did them for favourite pattern. But in the end they lend themselves pretty perfectly to today's prompt (so long as you keep an open mind and accept them as a pattern lol), since they come in every colour under the sun.
I've chosen colours representing causes that are relevant to me and/or this blog... Most of them I will have spoken about before! Thumb (in tarastalons show me the stars) is simultaneously purple for alzheimer's and periwinkle for eating disorders.
The blue on the index (tarastalons blueberry cheesecake) represents bullying and child abuse as well as addiction recovery.
Green on the middle finger (tarastalons toy train) because it represents the whole mental illness spectrum. It is also for depression and bipolar specifically. Finally it's close to teal (which I missed because, despite being from Norfolk, I only have five fingers) for dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, ocd and post traumatic stress disorder.
Yellow (tarastalons sandcastles) for suicide prevention is on my ring finger.
And finally orange (sinful clors not tarastalons lol, big daddy) for self injury awareness day on the pinkie.
Simple :p.

The base is another rimmel space dust I think, a silver one. Which,  incidentally, is the ribbon colour for schizophrenia. 

To the best of my knowledge this is correct, I started with wiki (of course Haha) and then cross referenced from there.... But we all know the dangers of believing everything you read online!
Now I must sleep, gotta be up to bake a cake in the morning. X