Tuesday, 19 November 2013

33dc day 25? New technique

Yea sorry I may have entirely lost track of everything! I think it's day 25 anyway.
And there are many many techniques I've not attempted... In fact probably more than I have attempted lol. But several of them in a little daunted by atm hence why I have attempted them! I'm getting more confident but one thing at a time, I'll be leaving water marbling and rainbow gradients and the like for another day. I did consider sugar spun cos it looks fun but I kinda didn't have the energy for all the mess!
So I went for flocking. Inspired largely by the pot of flocking powder I came home to in my taras talons order. I kinda didn't do anything interesting just played around with different shapes to see how it worked lol. It did look better honest but I did it last night and forgot to take a pic so this was after I finished work today so a little bedraggled lol. Except the thumb that was a mess from the start.
I enjoyed the flocking powder more than I expected actually...I really only ordered it in a whim to play around with (and the reasonable prices mean I can do that without too much guilt lol). It was a lot less... bumpy than I'd anticipated and applied easily enough with shockingly little mess considering it was me doing it. Definitely one up from the whole ordeal of caviar nails lol.
Ho hum. I should definitely try more techniques, so maybe I'll make a concerted effort to try a new one each week... Or maybe just once a fortnight! Haha. Also when I get five minutes I hope to get a chance to organise/revamp this blog cos I pretty much just threw it together when I decided randomly to blog lol. More cohesion is needed. And better planned posting. I just need to actually find the time to sit down and sort it out!
So that was a tangent lol. Here are the nails. X