Sunday, 24 November 2013

cuticle oil, tidying and notd

Yep slightly mish mash post Haha.
First: cuticle oil from Tara's talons. I ordered it before I left for holiday and was very glad to see it when I got home cos my hands and nails were a right state. Lack of my usual routine, extremes of temperature plus the fact that as soon as I stop wearing polish I bite my nails like mad lol. Anyway I figured this would be a good chance to play with the oil. Now I haven't actually used cuticle oil so I can't review it per se as I have nothing to compare it to. I do love it though. It has a pleasant, delicate smell and feels nice. It's also easy to apply coming in a normal 5ml polish bottle, complete with brush. and in lieu of a review I figure I'll just post before and after pics.
Yucky post holiday nails. This was AFTER id cleaned (or tried to!) filed and buffed them, and applied cuticle oil lol. Oh and my poor photography doesn't show the true horror. Moving on...

The photography is dicey again but this is today, just over a week after getting back. Now they're in slightly better condition i need to do my nails properly, remove/push back the cuticles blah blah blah.
Which brings me on to my notd. The polish is the rimmel i bought from belle glamour, deliciously dark. It's a very, very dark purple/red though it's hard to tell in the photo. The studs are a recent born pretty purchase...and ridiculously fiddly lol. I'm really not cut out for this nail art thing!

Last, but definitely not least cos it took forever: tidying the polish stores!
i really have nothing to say about this asides from admitting my collection was in an embarrassing stateof disarray before i started. Polishes piled in a basket, dirty tools and i could never find anything. So, here are some before during and after shots:
No surprises that the biggest colour group was purple lol...though looking at the bottom right corner it seems i have a top/base coat issue...who needs that many, seriously?! Lol. Oh and apparently i have nearly 150 polishes oops!
Final point and then I'll shut up, sorry for any weird formatting or spelling errors in my recent posts. My phone hates posting through the actual website, i usually use the app but i can't embed photos that way. Bear with me I'll get there with all this technology stuff. X