Monday, 18 November 2013

honey, I'm hoooome!

Woop! Back from a brilliant three weeks away....gotta return to reality now boo hoo :(. Back to work tomorrow, in about six hours in fact so this will be brief! I'll do some proper holiday posts at some point though, I took pictures and everything (that's huge for me Haha).
What's coming up this week? Three more 33dc posts... plus I hope to sneak in one of the ones I missed while I was away Hehe. That fact box I never did on ocd (sorry about that!). A holiday post naturally. Maybe even a bellringing post if you can all put up with the tedium cos it's our annual branch meeting next weekend. Oh and I have some polishes to swatch. Plus a treatment review on Tuesday to decide the best way to become less crazy so depending how it goes I may post about that.
That's definitely more than a weeks with of posts Haha oops! Oh well ttys.x
Ps. Token shot of me in Mexico :p.