Sunday, 9 February 2014

A trio of tarastalons

Phew. Normal services will now resume. Whatever normal is round here :p.
A quick post tonight as I'm, quite unreasonably it has to be said, shattered. I will at some point do a belated post about time to talk day which was on Thursday but polish pictures are easier for now!
Anyway yesterday I eagerly tore into a package from tarastalons. If you haven't checked out all the new subscription options you can find them here. Note that this is a different Web address to the usual as Tara has now expanded to create 'the tara emporium' incorporating the tarastalons polish brand but also much, much more.
Sorry, ramble. When the new subscriptions were introduced I decided to have a change and switched from polish club to 'prototype talons'. Below are three of the four polishes I received. First is glitterous (middle, ring and thumb) over a polish labelled simply <3. As always I misjudged the opacity so this is four coats of <3. I'll use undies in future because I love this and I've already used a significant amount of the 5ml bottle now lol. As for the glitter, well it's purple so obviously I love it. It's also overflowing with variety and super fun. That's what I love about tarastalons glitters, each polish has such an eclectic mix of shapes, sizes and colours and yet they always gel as a whole. I particularly like the random hints of gold which liven it up. Plus you can't go wrong with holo bits. I layered over the light colour to illustrate it better but I'd quite like to try it to brighten up/add depth to a dark purple or similar.
The other is also called glitterous, and is really not my kind of colour at all. But I really kind of like it. It's Brown/bronze but leans strongly towards gold. Plus it's also holo. And it has random little flecks of different colour glitters, Green and blue which sound wrong but look right. It sounds like it should be an autumn colour. But it doesn't feel like one. It's more bronzed skin than bronzed foliage. Or, if we wish to stick with arboreal imagery, a sun dappled wood awakening in spring rather than preparing for sleep in autumn.

Sorry I'm tired. And I always get crazy over excited about this brand. I just love it. And I get the feeling Tara loves it. And I love that.
Shut up and sleep Katie. X