Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Another quick swatch

Ok so I have several wordy, awareness type posts planned for this week. So here's another quick NOTD. It comes from the little package that landed on my doorstep toga morning from the tara emporium (aka tarastalons). I've been admiring this polish from afar for ages.... But I'm trying to be good because I need to be able to afford petrol (well diesel would probably work better tbh!) And bills and stuff. Anyway I gave in... plus have a few more to show as well. Why be just a little bit naughty? Hehe.
I don't regret it anyway :). It's worth it for the name alone but the polish just happens to be beautiful. A while geometry lesson of glitter shapes in cheerful bright blue all held up in a clear (and this is important here) HOLO base. I'm genuinely in love. Plus I know I can rely on Tara's polishes not to be stingy with the glitter so no fishing which is even better. I wore it over nails Inc sheraton street because I wanted it to show up but didn't fancy white. The end, night night. X