Thursday, 13 February 2014

GOT- valentines

I'm still here, honest! Apologies for absence and all that. Not having the best week and have no energy (for no reason lol). Besides I'm house sitting so not got all my stuff here. Only at the other end of the village to home lol but it means I have to plan manis in advance and I fail at that totally (have I said this before?).
That aside, I struggled with this one simply because valentines doesn't really interest me. I don't find it particularly upsetting to be reminded I'm alone or have other people's love rubbed in my face it whatever.... I'm just not interested. Lol. Sorry. So inspiration was lacking.
In the end it was Tara of tarastalons who gave me a hint.... In that she included little tubes of love hearts with the prototype talons packages. So yes, love hearts nails. Plus two random glitter nails cos I'm feeling lazy :p.

Polishes. Opi my boyfriend scales walls. Old but not unused (you may have noticed I use this a lot lol). Barielle sailors delight. This is old and from a set and I may have used it once but that's about it. Maybelline surreal. About the second polish I ever bought. Pretty much not worn it since. Sinful colors unicorn (why is this called unicorn? Are unicorns yellow?). This is only couple months old tbh but one of very few unused polishes I have, usually they get used at least once unless they're sets and I get distracted lol. The red is a color club with no name on the bottle.
The glitter is a total and utter cheat because it only arrived yesterday....I just couldn't resist using it lol. I'll post about this and it's friends soon. Mattified with Essie matte about you. Which I bought soon after surreal. X