Saturday, 22 February 2014

the wonders of music

It can cheer you up, it can send you flying into the past, it can make you cry or release tension or motivate you or distract you or calm you down or help you focus or it can help you feel less alone. It can express you mood better than you ever could. Ok so I chose the sum41 song out of silliness because of the amount of times I've moaned about lscking it lately but I'm not averse to sum41. And I'm not ashamed to have them on my phone. Im not ashamed of any ofthe music on my phone, though it's pretty random and not very cool. It's all there for a reason. If I'm anxious I listen to music to help control it. If im angry I listen to music to help vent it. If I'm dissociating music can bring me back to reality and if I can't sleep music can help. It can make things less lonely and it can make things less pointless. I read somewhere ( Ages ago about a way to use music to prevent sh. Set up a playlist for when you feel *insert negative emotion here* which starts with sad, angry, negative songs and gradually works it's way, through neutral, to positive songs. I used that for ages. That's an interesting point actually. I frequently get told off for having 'depressing' music. Believe me, there are many things that contribute to my mh issues but listening to leonard cohen isn't one of them. Listening to happy music can have the opposite effect (hence the gradual shift in the above technique), just highlighting what you don't/'can't' have. Like having to sit and watch all your friends at the park while you can't join in cos you broke your leg. Sitting at a banquet whilst on a diet. Sometimes sad songs serve a purpose. Ninety per cent of the music onmy phone is there forba reason. Shall we play the shuffle game? tanita tikaram- valentines heart Way back when I firs passed my driving test I drove a couple of cars that only had cassette players, the first was myggrandad's and the second was bought for me by him. In search of music I asked dad what he had and he suggested this album (sacred heart I think?). So the songs on it remind me of my dad and my grandad and the freedom of being able to geg around alone easily for the first time. College before it got shit. elbow- the birds Yea ok this is another one that makes me think of dad (hey I'm a daddy's girl what can I say?), he introduced me to elbow. I saw them at the o2 with mum and dad too which is a good memory. And there's always something wonderfully rousing about elbow songs (one day like this anyone?), you can't help but feel a little energised. It also weirdly makes me think of work, there's something in the lyrics (hey what we gonna do with you, same tale every time, what we gonna do with you come on inside) that makes me think of an elderly manwith dementia thinking of his first love and looking for the birds which have become associated with it. My brain is odd. red hot chili peppers- scar tissue My baby (aka 21 year old) brother used to love rhcp so I think of him. And of car journeys to france and Cornwall on family holidays, even though the parents complained about it. Plus there's just something about the emotion in this song. joan armitrading- I'm lucky Switch of parent, joan always makes me think of mum...even though both parents are fans. I remember being very small listening to all the way from america on record (haha). This song is also fun to sing along to and that's very important. I can't sing but I dont care, driving along at work I sing all the way from one house to the next lol. alanis morrisette- would not come Ah alanis, go to for all angst ridden, emotional and unstable folks of the world. Seriously though. Her music has feeling and her earlier songs particularly are very raw, great for yelling along in anger or shouting through tears. Plus I love this song. The lyrics are just perfect. It's just true. The next song is white flag by dido...I couldn't reasonably explain why this is here but it's important that it is. There's some unspecified nostalgia to it. ed sheeran- you need me, I don't need you Well he's just amazing isn't he? There's a defiance to this song which is great for frustration. And it's amazing fun to sing along to. Another one of dad's recommendations...and makes me think if a friend who loves him. Also 'theysay II'm up and coming like I'm f***ing in an elevator'. the saw doctors- hay wrap If we're talking nostalgic music these guys win every time. Heard so much of them as a kid. And they make me think ofmum and ddad's friend that I used to visit with dad while brother was at beavers. I think I know this whole album iff by heart so great sing along potential. Also associated with a couple of friends to whom I played it after they'dbeen out bailing all day lol. This is long sorry! I just love music!! Honourary mention to a few artists that didn't manage to pop up on shuffle: adele, avril lavigne (seriously don't mock, if you need to blow off steam she's your girl), billy joel, bob dylan, bullet for my valentine, christina aguilera (empowering much?), christina perri, emeli sande, evanescence (pure emotion), mumford and sons, mcr, paul simon/simon and garfunkle, queen (!!), snow patrol, the kinks, the who, your biwie, beatkes and sstones, led zep etc. Yea I get carried away! Maybe I'll do this again. X