Friday, 28 February 2014

Monthly charity challenge- parkinson's disease

Blah blah blogger ate my post and I'm lazy. This challenge was started by dawn at sassy little nails. She has chosen a different 'flavour' of charity for each month and those involved each choose a charity from that group to promote using nail art. I meant to join in last month but ran out of days!
Parkinson's is important to me largely because I work with a lot of people in the middle to late stages. It's a disease of the nervous system and is, sadly, degenerative. Whilst there are treatments, there is as yet no cure.
Generally it starts with physical symptoms affecting muscle control- the classic shaking, rigidity and reduced mobility for example- but in later stages can result in behavioural changes as well as dementia.
It has no known cause, apart from rare genetic forms, and gently develops in later life although, again, there are exceptions where early onset occurs.
As mentioned, there are drugs to treat the symptoms in earlier stages but these become ineffectual and can cause counterproductive side effects as the disease progresses. Other treatments include dietary changes, rehab and occasionally surgical procedures though, as with medication, none have long term results. People can, however, remain reasonably stable in the earlier stages and retain a certain quality of life with the right support.

Mani: the silver is the colour of the awareness ribbon. The tulip (that's what it's supposed to be anyway!) Is a logo used mainly in the usa. Polishes are all nails Inc. Pass on names lol sorry.
For more information visit parkinson's uk. X