Sunday, 2 February 2014

Super simple Chinese New year nails

My brother is a chef down the local pub, so we try to support their events. That and he colds really good food. Anyway, this IS relevant because tonight they had a chinese themed set menu for Chinese New year.
I've been ringing all afternoon (and was working this morning) so I confess this is a somewhat hasty effort but still, I like an excuse to play. Nails Inc again, the boltons (metallic red) and chelsea embankment (gold full coverage glitter). Also models own gold nail art pen and unicorn embellishments from she sells seashells. If you're wondering, these were the closest thing I could get to symbolise the year of the horse :p lol.
Not the slickest mani ever by a long shot but red and gold is always nice so hey.
Also, why are my hands such a mess atm? I moisturise like mad, hand cream, cuticle cream, cuticle oil, whatever. Still they're du and my cuticles are rough. On the plus side I'm kinda starting to get used to the dreaded straight tips Haha. X

Ps. Yea in played it kinda fast and loose with the whole Chinese symbol thing lol. X