Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Time to talk day (was last week)

Haha yea im a little late. Though it's kinda good in a way. I think time to talk day is a great awareness raising idea.... But it's also something that needs to be continued day in day out. So this is me continuing it. In a garbled way cos I'm a little brain dead today lol.
I don't think the fact I have mental health issues (whatever they're being labelled as at any given time) so I won't ramble on about that. I'm lucky that the people in close to have been very accepting. Obviously some of the things I do hurt them, and I'm sorry for that, but they're always there. And I'm not treated any differently just cos I'm 'crazy' (sorry I will eternally be politically incorrect in my language cos humour is what I do).
That is the point that I think is really majorly important. And I've said it here before I know. It's not about being able to fix things. It's not even about having deep and meaningful conversations about illness constantly. It's about being a friend in exactly the same way you'd be to anyone. It's about sticking around when really it would be easier not to. It's about tea and biscuits and friendly gossip :p.
Like I say, obviously I talk about this stuff all the time. So I figured I'd just add a few of the pics I shared on Fb last Thursday. You can also visit the time to change website.