Monday, 10 February 2014


Random lol.
It's tinnitus awareness week (I like awareness weeks and days you may have noticed :p). So I figured I'd paint my nails. Any excuse.
Tinnitus basically is the experience of heating a sound that has no external cause (though not to be confused with auditory hallucinations). It happens when the brain misinterprets, or doesn't properly filter out, meaningless background signals.
The word tinnitus derives from the Latin for 'ringing', but the exact sound heard varies in type, pitch and volume between people. Some people experience only intermittent tinnitus whilst for others it's constant. The sound is generally more noticeably in quieter settings.
Tinnitus can be a sign of an underlying problem but more often than not has no cause (though you should of course talk to your Dr if you're at all concerned or have other symptoms). It's common with an estimated 1 in 10 people experiencing mild tinnitus and 1 in 100 experiencing a level which affects their day to day life. Mild tinnitus generally doesn't affect daily life, though it can have an effect on concentration and sleep.
There is no actual cure but in cases it eventually goes away on its own.
Common causes include exposure to loud noise, inner ear blockages and some medications. It can also be exacerbated by stress or anxiety.

I rarely get tinnitus anymore, only really when I'm very anxious. I had it pretty constantly for a long time a few years ago though (an unexpected side effect of taking too much of a particular drug).
Anyway. If you're interested, or worried or want help with tinnitus related anything there's a tinnitus association.
The mani is supposed to be 'static'  representing 'white noise' which is what I used to hear. Polishes are opi my boyfriend scales walls and L'Oréal something or other Black and White glitter. X