Wednesday, 19 February 2014

liebster award

Hey...ok so I seem to have been nominated by three dufferent people, that will teach me to procrastinate and not do it insrantky won't it?! Lol. Anyway I guess I have 33 questions to answer still inky get 11 facts about me though cos I'm just not that interesting lol. So thanks to Ivy at two by two, nails of blue, pretty british 44 and Sarah at Sarah smiles. How it works: -11 random facts about yourself -answer the nominators 11 questions -write 11 questions oc your own -nominare 11 people and let them know Soooo 11 facts 1. I ring church bells (most people know this lol) 2. I'm a guide leader 3. I love fantasy, especially bizarre fatasy (hitchhiker's guide, terry pratchett etc.) 4. I could live off tea and walkers (very important!) Salt and vinegar crisps 5. Speaking of vinegar, I put it on copious amounts 6. I studied forensic science for a year but now doing an ou science degree 7. I love the tube because it's organised and colour coded hehe 8. I always run iplayer when im trying to sleep 9. I want to be an occupational therapist eventually 10. I love things like climbing, high ropes, themeparks...adrenaline-y things though I haven't done any in ages 11. I enjoy driving...which is good cos I do a lot of work Two by two, nails of blue Questions Which nail art technique do you love, and which do you hate? I have a real soft spot for dotting, it's so versatile, but simple enough even for me :p. I don't really hate anything though I fail at anything free hand...and I'm not sure about the recent part bare part painted thing. What's your favourite polish colour and finish? Purple. Always purple. I love textures and holo's right now but I thik it has to be shimmer. What's your most prized polish bottle? I wouldn't even know how to begin to choose! Lol Which nail polish blog you could never unfollow? Ooo that's hard too! Probably the crumpet? Do you prefer sweet or savoury snacks? may have guessed from the crisp thing lol What's the thing that makes you squee? Elephants? I love elephants....I have shelves full of them. Do you have a favourite internet meme? I enjoy the mh ones I posted for time to talk day...also socially awkward penguin lol. If you could have a superpower, what would it be? I don't know? I'd like to be able to magically heal people (physically, mentally, whatever)...or to fly lol How do you spend your Saturday nights? Often ringing, sometimes down the pub, frequently lazing around watching casualty haha Have you ever performed anything in public? Erm I've done school plays and things, readings at guide events, sang at a time to change event (interesting as I really suck at singing lol. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Everywhere...there's so much I want to see! New zealand, india and ireland are topping the lust right now Pretty british questions (sorry I'm going to stop bolding cos it's fiddly lol) Chilli chocolate, yes or no? Definitely yes...chilli chocokate brownies, mmm... What type of animal scares you the most? Im scared of spiders a little, does that count? Are you allergic to anything? Not as far as I know What was the last thing you ate? Crisps (seeing a theme anyone?) What's the next event you'll be attending? Work? Lol. Got my birthday meal with parents soon, though ringing annual meal may be first, or even committee meeting...I'm not really organised lol Lipstick or lipgloss? I hardly ever wear either but when I do it's lipstick Long nails or short nails? Like the look of long nails but I like to wear mine short, for practical reasons mainly What inspired you to start a blog? I wanted a place to dump my nail pics, and somewhere other than fb to get mh awareness rants off my chest lol What is your all time favourite brand? Brand? What Of? Polish? I kinda don't really have one...though I own an insane amount of tarastalons so that. What is your dream job? Physical OT, in the community...working with the elderly? Slightly specific :p What's your favourite piece of clothing that you're wearing right now? Right now I'm still in my work my slippers? Lol Sarah smiles questions 1) Favourite place to visit? My nanny's house 2) Typical order from Starbucks/Costa? Tea or tall black americano...or just black filter coffee. I'm dull with drinks! 3) Proudest moment so far while blogging? Erm? I don't think I've ever felt particularly proud of my blog! 4) All time favourite song? Woah. Alanis morrisette would not come or the saw doctors out for a smoke, or this is me...ed sheeran you need me, I don't need you or well any ed sheeran or emile sande or of theirs or a kinks song or bab o'reilly by the who or or or...yea ok I cant pick lol 5) Victoria sponge or chocolate cake? I'm not a huge cake fan but victoria 6) Do you have/plan to get an tattoos? I don't have any...I'd kinda like one as a symbolic thing over some scars if I ever quit sh for a decent time 7) Favourite season? Spring 8) Favourite nail polish colour ever? Still purple lol 9) What do you imagine you'll be doing in ten years time? Hopefully this rate probably still studying though lol 10) One piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a blog? Plan your posts properly...I never do and I always regret it. And blog about what you love/care about nit what you think you should 11) If you could only read one blog forever, who would it be and why? Erm? Maybe the agoraphobic fashionista? Just because it's very ecclectic and I like her writing. Phew!! Can I do my questions and nominations later? I need food lol and this is a huge kump of text! Xx