Saturday, 22 February 2014

Thinking day and nail art weekly

So. Today is thinking day. The day when girl guides and girl scouts around the world take time to think of each other. A day of friendship and unity and awareness. It's chosen as it's the joint birthday of Lord and lady Baden-Powell  Each year there's a specific theme, this year it's all about education, 'education opens doors for all boys and girls'. It's based on the UN's millennium development goal of achieving primary education for all.
We often spend a lot of time moaning about teachers and schools and exams. As students of course and also as a society... But around the world there are millions of children who would jump at the chance of free education. This isn't a 'feel guilty, there are people worse off than you, think of the starving children in Africa' thing. It's just a fact. We moan about it because it could be better, things could always be better. But we have it and so should the rest of the world.
Education empowers. Education promotes independence. Education allows an individual to make informed decisions and to be their own person. It's important.
To read more about this goal and thinking day in general you can visit the world thinking day site here.

Obviously I painted my nails. I chose the colours of five of the  girlguiding uk sections: yellow for Brownies, Blue for guides, turquoise for seniors, navy for adults and red for trefoil guild. Going from the youngest group upwards. I apologise to rainbows for leaving you out I didn't have enough fingers and I was going to leave us adults out but it turned out I didn't have an appropriate colour for rainbows so sorry :(.

As for nail art weekly the theme is the month you were born in. I was born in February and I was going to do an amethyst based mani... until I realised that what I think when I think of this month is thinking day (lots of things there lol) and that guiding means a lot more to me than birth stones. So what better mani to use than this?
I'm sorry I can't list the polishes I forgot and put them away... I'll come back tomorrow if I remember. The red, navy, yellow and white are all nails Inc. The blue is color club and the turquoise is a England that's as far as I can ok the white is floral Street I can remember than one lol is the yellow Carnaby Street? The a England is one of Arthur's Knights and the color club is unnamed anyway. Oh dear I'm not helpful lol. Plus do forgive the wonky trefoils (our logo) I really can't draw them on paper nvm on my nails Haha. X