Thursday, 20 February 2014

GOT fail- chevrons

Nothing of great importance to report...crappy head ache, which goes someway towards explaining the shoddiness of this. The rest is explained by the fact I'm crap lol.
This looked better in my head if I'm honest. But then in my head I'd planned to add more of the black and white glitter and tape out the chevrons and do it properly. I did the pink (which is a fail in itself cos I used it for last week's got lol) and one layer of glitter (fail two, I used this for my tinnitus mani recently) earlier, before going out for a meal. The plan was to finish when I got in. But Yea pain had cba so sparse glitter and sloppy chevrons hand drawn with the bottle brush lol.
Anyway. There will be an in linkz thingummy added tomorrow when my brain works. And polish names and stuff. X