Thursday, 27 February 2014

GOT- orange

o we come to orange. And for once I actually had a glimmer of an idea for this mani. Or at least a starting point. This theme fell at the perfect time as coincidently this Saturday is self injury awareness day, and the related colour for the campaign is orange. Or orange and purple.... For obvious reasons the day is important to me and I have another mani semi-planned for the actual day so I won't ramble on about it too much today. Just some vague background to explain the nails. SIAD has been championed in recent years by a charity called life signs and their motto for this year is 'new thoughts, new actions, new life' with focus on the metaphor of the phoenix rising from the ashes. One of the oldest oranges I have is the beautiful polish talks from tarastalons so I decided to use this as the base for my 'Ashes', it's a beautiful glowing tangerine colour (I actually really love this polish I just never wear it because I don't wear orange lol) so it worked quite well as embers. I topped it with one of my very oldest polishes of all collection 2000 nail smash top coat 1. Black smash (catchy!). The other nails are an old tkmaxx purchase in the form of the orange part of an opi mini neons set. I wore this once when I first got it for a hen night and not touched it since. It's over nails Inc floral Street which isn't old but figured I could cheat just a little as it doesn't even show lol. Then I added some tiger stripes a. For similar reasons to the leopard print yesterday and b. As a nod towards the image that circulates fb now and again wrt stretch marks, scars etc saying 'I'm a Tiger, I've earned my stripes' something like that. I don't think si is something to be proud of per se or view my scars as a badge of honour but equally I don't think people should be ashamed either.... and I think surviving is always something worth being proud of. But I said I wouldn't ramble. The black is really, really, REALLY old... As in it's the only polish I have that genuinely follows the rules by being over a year old. It comes from accessorize and I bought it as part of a set with black lipstick for Halloween one year. It's a really weird polish... it's more only than anything, very thin and chalky and dries matte. I'm choosing to use that as an excuse for the wonky Tiger stripes :p lol. X