Sunday, 1 December 2013

British nail bloggers get rubbed

There is an amazing amount of innuendo to be had with this subject, however the other ladies have done it with such aplomb that I shall leave it to them (do check out their posts at the end of this one). Anyway. You know when you're just trying to go about your daily non polish related business (as if such things could be important!) And you find yourself inadvertently rubbing your polished nails on your lips? As if that pesky polish just wants to remind you not to totally forget about it!
Now I have many weird and wonderful habits (and some not so wonderful ones come to that) so I assumed this was one of them.... until a post went up on the British nail polish group and it became apparent that lip rubbers are everywhere!
So, here is my shortlist of polishes which I find most satisfying for the task. In an effort to be vaguely ordered I've created categories and then chosen a finalist from each of them.
There's something special about a metallic polish. It's not a matte... But it's not quite a good either. I enjoy this sensation quite a lot. There is also an intriguing coolness about metallic polishes, even on a hot day, which is fun.  There were several I could have chosen from here, a new bronze  models own purchase came in at third, appropriately enough lol. Second was the toothpaste metallic red from nails Inc. But first had to be maybelline winner takes it all, it just seems somehow more sumptuous.

Top coats
So obviously I wear top coat a large proportion of the time, but some are more pleasing than other when it comes to  tactility (is that a word? Swype thinks it is, I was going for tactileness lol). I know this cos I own a ridiculous number. Anyhow, whilst seche vite and hk girl come in as close runners up, my absolute favourite is the one you get in the color club sets. It's not my favourite to cost of all time... But hey who cares what the nails look like right? Since when is that the point of nail art :p.

This was a fairly easy decision as I only own one matte! It's Essie matte about you. But it still gets a section all on it's own cos mattes are especially delightful for lip rubbing. Matte/satin anything in fact. My friend made the mistake of buying a satin finish lighter... She seemed to find it strange when I kept causally stroking it lol. Oh the blue polish is rimmel blue eyed girl btw.

Somewhat  counterintuitively textured polishes feel rather nice in this scenario...The inconsistencies keep you on your toes (fingers? ) and provide a level of interest that other types are often lacking. It's notthat I don't like the soothing qualities of ssmoothness, just that sometimes I want a little more drama, some friction as it were. Now the Barry m textured range is very good, and opi liquid sand but at the top is rimmel space dust. A new addition to my stash actually and has just a little bit more going on than the others. This one is shooting star.

I can't say I get on very well with jellies as a general rule, but when it comes to rubbing they're pretty awesome. There's something delightfully juicy about them, even when completely dry. I don't own many and I don't use them often so I couldn't really decide. In the end I went for the prettiest which is Maxfactor fantasy fire.

Asides from the polishes themselves there are a few other things you can try to get more exciting nail-feel. One of my favourite ways to mix it up is to try two at once, a bit of contrast never fails. If that isn't your thing you could try little added extra, flocking powder, sequins even studs. This gives you something to really explore whilst rubbing.

And the winner is? 
None of the above actually. At the end of the day in a vanilla girl and my favourite texture to rub is just plain, up front, naked nails. It hardly ever happens cos I rarely go without polish these days... But wow. The natural imperfections and inconsistencies are so much more fun than even the best of textured polishes. (Note: whilst my naked nails are good for rubbing they're not especially attractive sorry! ).

So, there you have my round up.... Don't forget to check out the other ladies. And share you own personal favourites, go on about it you do it too!  X