Sunday, 13 April 2014

Barry m aquarium- Pacific and Arabian

Who can resist Barry M, really? I can't anyway. But I'm finding self control is not a strong point right now lol. Too. Much. Polish. And it's not often I say the haha.
But anyway they are at least beautiful :p. I find duo-chromes fascinating. I enjoy playing with them in the light (to the detriment of anything else I should be doing lol). So I bought two. The lighter one (more greeny gold) is Arabian and the darker (Blue/teal/indigo) is Pacific. Pacific especially really does make me think of the sea. and the colour shift is really quite also helps that we've actually had sun this week lol.
They apply nicely....I had some issues with arabian particularly but I'm pretty sure that isn't the polish's fault tbh. I seem to be having issues with bubbles that are only visible once the polish is dry, I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong. The nails look smooth and neat and then as it dries bumps start appearing which on inspection are bubbles under the surface. Anyway that's really not the point lol.
Here are pretties. X

Ps. Excuse the dog in the background, she's my baby lol. X