Saturday, 26 April 2014

GOT- Something tropical

I'm a day late again, oops! I've had so little time to play with my nails lately...and my nails have actually some time naked for once. Which means that I pick and chew and generally treat them badly. Couple that with an obscene amount of ringing and the fact I've been feeling yuck and the result is my nails are a mess. They're short and out of shape and need properly sorting. Bit I'll do that when I'm back from holiday.

But anyway. My GOT effort is a pink and yellow gradient of two OPI mini neons from tkmaxx way back when I first started. They haven't been used much tbh cos I bought them  specifically for a neon themed event lol. I used nails Inc floral Street underneath....I got this as part of a prize of fifty of their polishes at the start of the year so it's kinda a cheat. I figure since it's not actually technically visible I'll overlook it.... my base coat isn't either afterall :p. I got bits of fluff in the gradient which annoyed me and my gradients sill need a lot of work but i'm fairly ok with it. I think doing it over white meant it was probably an easier gradient to achieve.

I'll do all the usual in linkz stuff tomorrow as, once again, it's gotten late! X