Friday, 11 April 2014

GOT- coral

Ah this mani is about as boring as the title lol. As this challenge progresses I'm struggling more and more to even find polishes to use let alone come up with ideas. Most of my oldest polishes are just your basic ROYGBIV... With black, white and grey thrown in lol. Most of my interesting polishes are more recent.
Anyway. Coral. The coral itself is color club from that tkmaxx set that's cropping up all over my GOT posts lol... dunno the actual polish name though as they're unlabeled. It's kinda not really a true coral but it was the closest I had lol.
There's no real logical choice behind the glitter I just saw it, remembered I liked it and decided to use it! Haha. It is old....From a blog sale grab bag, I think I used one of the other polishes for a previous GOT. It's 365 days of color neon-o-rama. With no to coat largely cos I've run out lol. I probably could have eeked enough out but it seems to take hours to dry to even touch-dry (no literally) and I want to go to sleep lol. X

Ps. Excuse the shoddy photography it's even worse than usual Haha.... and the peach is kinda less orange irl. Oh and my index nail broke, sad times :( lol. X