Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Coping with everyday stressors

There's not really a much of a point to this post, in away on ringing holiday and not got a huge amount of free time.

I also have an assignment due. I study with the OU and gave fine for a few years now. When I'm ill I struggle. A lot. I deferred toys same module last year for that reason.

Now, admittedly I'm sitting here blogging because my brain is whirring a bit too far to contemplate sleep. But I'm not currently crying or hyperventilating or having a total crisis. I'm also not using any of those 'negative coping mechanisms' that we talk about so often. So I count that as a win. There's still time I'm aware, the way is due Thursday and in nowhere near done.... But I do have something that is almost complete enough to submit.

I even did some healthy things.... deep breathing, mindfulness, self care. I will always be a last minute merchant but I have at least tried to do other things right like plans and notes and things so I feel less overwhelmed. I've made choices in unrelated situations that reduce my overall anxiety.

So very unlike me lol.

This is a huge difference to many, many times in the past. And the main difference I find between kinda well and very sick. I can get stressed without having a total melt down and being unable to cope with anything at all even unrelated things. Everyone gets stressed.... and probably I have and will continue to have a lower tolerance for it than some. But at the minute I'm calling it a victory that I can be stressed and still function.

End random post. X