Wednesday, 9 April 2014

More boots oops- part 1

I genuinely need to consider buying top coats online, buying them from boots is just not working! Though I do have like thrifty quid of points on my card which is not so bad lol.
Briefly, while we're taking about top coats, I still can't find one I like! It's really annoying me. Back when I started I had a revlon one but that was horrible for nail art cos it streaked like mad. Then I had seche for a while, cos everyone seems to love it.... But I struggled with the gloop and with the tip shrinkage. I had glisten and glow and I quite liked that it's just kinda a chore to order lol and also had the gloop factor. A couple of nails Inc caviar-y ones were ok but a little bubbly and they only come as pairs with a base coat and I just end up using more top than base and so I accumulate base coats!! Rimmel salon pro one I've been using recently I liked but get annoyed by how much it thickens towards the end. Now I have L'Oréal 2 in 1 protect and I like it but it's tiny!!
Haha that was longer than intended! Evidently in very fussy... Any recommendations?

And Back to the point of the post. Obviously as soon as I stepped into boots polishes just leapt into my hands so here are two of them. I figure I'll do it in stages cos that way I don't have to embed the pics in the text so can use the app lol.
So we have rimmel orgasm from the rita ora collection. I actually rather like this it's a nice shade and I don't own an orange that's just a common garden creme plus rimmel always applies nicely.
The blue is Barry m gelly in Blackberry... continuing my love hate relationship with the gellys. Ie I love them and they hate my nails lol. Actually this one wasn't so bad....except I had to re do them today cos I fell asleep after waiting around two hours post-polishing last night and they still smudged so that was annoying. It did apply nicely apart from that though and I like the colour (the name annoys me though it's not Blackberry colour at all.... I'm a very obsessive person lol). X