Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Revlon parfumerie take two

Sorry lack of blogging atm (this may be a relief to some lol)... This week seems to be crazy hectic, plus I appear to have acquired a cold from somewhere which is annoying!

Obviously I couldn't resist buying more of this collection. Tbh I didn't even try :p. Though annoyingly I meant to offset the guilt by using my boots points and I forgot!

Anyway we have moonlit woods. This is somewhere between blue, purple and silver (there's more lilac in it than my photos show). It's a really pretty colour. It dries kinda satiny so it's a little streaky but asides from that it applies easily. The scent is, as you would expect, floral but not ott. It reminds me of something but I can't place it... something washing-shampoo-laundry related lol. It's pleasant anyway.

Then wild violets. I had to have this colour. I held off first time because I have similar colours.... But then I looked at more swatches online and gave in lol. It's very me. Again the pictures don't do a great job. It's very dark, almost black in fact, until it catches the light. When it does catch the light it glows. There's a certain amount of sparkle and quite a lot of navy. The scent is of course reminiscent of parma violet sweets....But less sickly sweet and more floral. I wasn't convinced I was going to like the smell much but it surprised me.

Last lime basil. I actually own a lot of greens, despite not really liking them, but I haven't got one this particular shade and it caught my eye. And I love it. It's creamy and.... nice. We always used to get told off at school for using 'nice' bit it just is. It's somewhere pleasant between bright green and antique-y muted greens. Between lime and basil I guess :p. The scent is surprisingly nice too... though I do love citrus scents anyway. It's sharp and fresh but with a slight earthy sweetness underneath. For some reason reminds me of pancakes (I guess the citrus maybe?).

I just love the application of these polishes. I'm terribly intolerant of anything that's hard to apply... Just my impatient nature I guess! Plus the brush I use for clean up is getting ratty and harder to use but I haven't found a nice one to replace it yet lol.

Ho-hum pictures and bed. X