Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Monthly charity challenge

Ok so oops I forgot about this last month so I've included one for last month here too... cos I kinda really wanted to mention the charity lol.
So yes sassy little nails monthly nail art challenge, there's a fb group so do look it up :). Especially if you have a better memory than me and might actually remember to do the manis!

Anyway last month's prompt was 'youth'. I picked the mancroft advice project (map) which is a Norwich based charity aimed at young people. Basically at it's heart its a signposting service.... It offers a place to go for advice and someone to talk to and then refers on to relevant services or whatever is appropriate. Additionally they offer counselling, training, advocacy and an outreach programme. Anything including pregnancy, drug abuse, housing and welfare issues, domestic violence, sexual and gender identity etc etc etc. Basically it's just one big triage centre for life lol.
The nails: white is models own hyperGel (but I forget the name), black is tarastalons sooty nail art pen and the green is also a tarastalons nail art pen but again I forget the name.

Then disaster/aid. I kinda struggled to differentiate between the charities here.... There are some amazing aid and relief charities but that's just it I couldn't find one that specifically resonated any more than the others. Then I remembered the WAGGS (world association of girl guides and girl scouts) charity that they set up for the guiding centenary. It's called the global girls fund. I'm not sure it fits the brief 100%, I guess it could for into last month's category actually. Basically it's about empowering girls and women around the world, offering them safety, support and education and giving them a voice. I'm kinda struggling to put into words exactly what they do tbh. They advocate for women basically, refugees, victims of famine or epidemic, women who are treated as inferior by their own culture. They work with them through guiding and other projects to... Well empower them but I said that already. Read the website maybe lol. But you can see the areas where it does touch on disaster and relief and so on.
Nails are tarastalons bon bons which always photographs red but is actually a very similar pink to the colour of the website. Trefoil in that same white hyperGel and studs from tarastalons Christmas box.... cos they seemed kinda ferocious and empowered Haha. Don't forget to check out the other ladies' work :). X