Friday, 18 April 2014

Butterfly nails

Lol excuse the boring title! There's some actual effort gone into the nails tough so maybe that makes up for it :p.
I went out for a meal with friends so I thought I'd tie my nails in with my outfit. I've included a shot of the outfit (now that doesn't happen often, there's a reason I'm not a fashion Blogger lol) so you can see if you think I succeeded or not.
The base is nails Inc Covent Garden ballet. Then one coat of tarastalons diamonds on thumb and pinky. One butterfly stamped on ring finger in nails Inc the Thames and two more in Barry m Heather from the silks collection. The stamp is...I dunno, from a Claire's accessories set I think, as are the random stamps on my other two fingers which are also in Barry m Heather.
I'm kinda surprised with how well the stamping came out actually.... asides from the middle finger one being in a weird position, I'm reasonably happy the. I like the glitter too but I'm not sure I chose the right two nails to glitter...I kinda wasn't really sure, when I started, where this was going lol. Finally of I did it again I think I'd probably stamp the Heather butterflies behind the Thames one.... Our at least one of them behind and one on top. I feel like it'd be more balanced then. And I do like the subtle effect of the stamping with Heather.... even if it was really hard to photograph! Lol. X