Saturday, 5 April 2014

Time to change stadium

Soo, way back when I first started this blog I posted about volunteering at a time to change village event in Cambridge. The event was to raise awareness of the time to change campaign and get people talking about mental health, with all the activities/stalls themed around the idea of a village.

Fast forward to today and you find the time to change stadium.... same basic goals but this time based around, you've guessed it, a football stadium. The idea being to attract more men in to learn about the campaign as changing attitudes appear to be more slowly with them.
With beautiful sunshine, football competitions and live performances (not go mention a football match bringing people into the city) there are a lot of people milling about learning about the campaign, having their faces painted (mainly children I'll admit lol) and taking to the volunteers. All of the volunteers were people who've had their own experience of mental health and wish to support time to change. Hence my being there.

It's not often I feel proud of myself but yea, I kinda do today. I confess I was hugely anxious about the event (nothing new there then!), strangely more so than I was for the Cambridge one, but I'm so glad I went. In the last year particularly I've learnt to be a lot more open about my mental health and how it affects me. A couple of very close friends have helped hugely with that, just by being there....By proving over and over again that they're not gonna disappear just because I'm not doing well.
It's interesting because a lot of the time I do still feel like shit, and I am still 'ill' but at the same time I'm much more capable than I was a couple of years ago. I wouldn't have managed the life I live now a couple years ago certainly.

But anyway I digress, and it's getting late so hold that thought for another day. In the mean time if you want to know more about what time to change is or how to get involved check out their website.

Oh and obviously I painted my nails for the day lol (yeah they're kinda scruffy, why do I always do these things in the middle of the night? Haha). X