Saturday, 12 April 2014

Quick swatch

Oof so busy atm. Mainly with ringing which has taken over my life lol. But hey here a couple more of my boss acquisitions....I will do a proper substantial post soon I really will...I have ideas just not time! Haha.

Anyway these are both from the rita ora collection from rimmel...I went a bit mad with this collection it seems, especially considering I initially wasn't interested! Tbh I looked at someone's swatches and decided that were more awesome than I realised lol... I'm very sorry I can't remember whose right now but if I can find it tomorrow I'll credit them.

But anyway this is pillow talk (Blue) and lose your lingerie (pink...obviously!). They're both delicate pastel shade with slight shimmer to them which is what really persuaded me, I love shimmer! They're a little thick but apply pretty well....I couldn't help being reminded of melting ice cream with these lol, yeah even with the blue which is kinda weird I confess! Anyway the swatches are not that great I was having one of those days where nothing works! lol.

But this is full of ellipses, exclamation marks and lols which is a good sign I need sleep! Night. X