Monday, 14 April 2014

Revlon parfumerie

More swatches *yawn* but these ones are totally worth it I promise! In fact one of them I loved enough to share on instagram, which pretty much never happens! I've left that one til last (or should have, sometimes Blogger app posts pics in weird orders lol).

Now, ok, I love revlon polishes bit I don't own many because they're kinda pricey for me. I'm not saying they aren't worth it just that I don't earn that much and most of what I do earn seems to go to indies haha. But I've been kinda intrigued by these and their cute little bottles and so finally gave in when boots had them on three for two (Damn those three for twos!). Besides I've never tried scented polishes before and I was curious.

First we have Italian leather, which I'm wearing atm. The colour is kinda hard to describe, I bought it because it's different to anything I have already....It kinda reminds me of opi I have a herring problem, you know apart from the fact it's an entirely different colour! The base is a khaki-grey. It's a kinda sludgy colour that should be disgusting but isn't....especially when combined with a goldy-bronze shimmer. The scent is probably the least pungent of the three I have and is quite pleasant. It smells kinda incense-y/aftershave-y. And yea I'll go with leather... Not proper in your face dead cow skin or anything but like walking into a posh shoe or handbag shop. The pictures are of two coats with top coat though actually it would probably stretch to one coat on nails as short as mine, I just made a bit of a mess of the first coat lol.

Then, ginger melon. I was a little dubious of this as I hate melon scents but I really liked the colour so I went for it anyway. Actually I needn't have worried as it smells more like sweeties than anything, though not in a cloying, sickly way. The scent was quite a bit stronger on this one too. The colour is, well, pink. It has a lot in common with Barry m pink grapefruit, which is partly why I bought it. I have the Barry M and I love the colour... But the polish hates mee! It's not a total match, this is a slightly colder colour, but it's close enough to fill the same niche. This one was less opaque, I used three coats and topcoat. It was also a little streaky to apply but leveled itself out quite well as it dried.

Lastly is autumn spice. I'm gonna be honest, the pictures don't do this justice, I seriously love it. It's a deep, rich, shimmery, chestnut brown. One of my fb friends described it as glittery chocolate lol. It reminds me a lot of conkers when they're fresh from the tree and shining in the sun. Yea, if the name didn't give it away, this is a very autumnal colour.... But I don't care I plan to wear it throughout spring anyway :p. Plus I feel with the red-gold glow it gas a certain amount of mileage as a summer colour in a weird kind of way. And it's pretty much the easiest polish I've found to apply ever. It goes on so easily and I love the consistency. And the scent is pretty much what you'd expect from the name spicy, cinnamon-y, clove-y, warm. There's just something about this polish that makes me feel pampered I don't know why lol.

I really love these polishes (you may have guessed!) And I suspect I'm going to have give willpower issues when I next go back to boots. Oh and final point: I've worn each of these for nearly a day and none of them chipped in any major way. That may not sound that impressive but it never happens for me. Mostly I have at least one serious chip on each nail by the time I remove it and often have lost more than one whole nail of polish. So that's a major bonus! The smells lasted pretty well too but at the same time were unobtrusive. I would definitely recommend these. X