Friday, 4 April 2014

Kinda GOT kinda not

Haha sorry I'm enjoying the rhyming thing a bit too much!
This fails at got-dom for several reasons. For a start it's no longer Thursday lol. Then it barely fits the theme which this week is pastel. Then the polishes are kinda not that old lol. Success all round I'd say.

Basically the problem lies in the fact I don't own pastels, similarl to issues I had with the colour last week. Eventually I found this minty Sally hansen polish (sea). Which is fairly pastel.... and whilst I only bought it just before Christmas it was one of five or so I bought and then left in a handbag and forgot about so I figured it counted as unloved. The ring of a-englad Galahad is definitely not pastel... though is old-ish I guess. Then the glitter (polished by kpt glowing smardy), which had pastel features.... and is as old as rainbow connection cos I bought it there when it first opened. I enjoy how the weighting of the colours in the glitter looks different depending on which colour it's over. Actually I quite liked the mani even if it was a bit of a fail lol. Oh and the glitter glued in the dark :p (this caused amusement last night when the random glowing when I turned the light off made me jump lol). X