Friday, 14 March 2014

A poor workman blames his tools

I haven't got much to say. And I have a mug full of nail art tools beside me. Hence a random little post on tools.

First though, the mug came from a lovely friend for Christmas.... We have a similar sense of humour :p. I'm rather attached to the mug I drink from so mugs get assigned allsorts of weird jobs in my room. I wanted something that would mean I used it on a regular basis.... hence nail art tools. Though I really need to rearrange lol.

So, contents:
- a models own four way buffer and a boots six way buffer... The latter was a Christmas present from my parents and still in the wrapper oops! Also a mini nails Inc buffer/polisher which came with one of their free gift sets. Haven't buffed my nails for ages actually cos they've been in kinda shit condition.

- a nails Inc emery board type file from the gift set mentioned, a mini emery board from goodness knows where and a glass file in a case. I really like this file actually and would love another one but it was tkmaxx and u haven't seen them since. I do have another glass file somewhere though I wonder where it went?

- several orange sticks. Because, well, they're handy lol

- a craft knife which i sometimes use for cutting tape and stuff (tbh I used it for something specific one time and it just never got moved back with the craft stuff lol....I use it occasionally)

- dotting tools!! Lovelove. That multicoloured set that everyone has, from born pretty store. Dotting is pretty much my favourite nail thing tbh so these would be my 'if you could only keep one thing....' there are also a couple of miscellaneous dotting tools from other sets

- a pen? I'm not sure why really. Handy I guess!

- brushes. A bright pink set that were labelled as nail brushes (Yay no dissolving glue lol). I think they came from boots. There's a striping brush, a fine detail brush and a brush in between the two. These also a fan brush and a flat brush (that I use all the time for cleanup and really need to replace!). There are also a couple of random makeup brushes in here cos I don't use them for makeup and they may come in handy

Yep. I have other things scattered about, striping tape and decorations and stuff are in a set of plastic draws along with nail art pens and stuff. But that's pretty much it. Tbh it's pretty much just the files, dotting tools and cleanup brush I use regularly lol.
Oh and for the record Yes I am smiling, and no I don't have any idea what's going on :p. X