Thursday, 13 March 2014

GOT purple

Ah purple. I love purple a lot. And have more purples than any other colour. A lot of them are fairly new though....I bought a lot of my earlier polishes based on being offer or being available in tkmaxx because... Well, polish is expensive and I wasn't aware quite how addicted I was going to get lol. Then I stepped back and bought a load of basics/staples. And only THEN did I start going 'ooo pretty, must have!'.
All of which is to say, I struggled because my two oldest purples don't contrast very well. One is am accessorize one that I bought in their sale last January (a polish that's actually over a year old Yay!). The other is Essie sexy divide which I bought at the same time as liquorice.
I stamped because....Well dots or stripes or whatever didn't seem like they'd work... and they're way too similar for a gradient. Admittedly they're kinda too similar for stamping too but it is a little more obvious irl I promise!
As an aside im sorry for the horrible state of my hands...I'm getting bored of crappy fingers now; I'm very well behaved I use hand cream and cuticle cream and blah de blah. Yawn bored now lol. X