Thursday, 27 March 2014

Should be GOT but it's not

Yea I'll be honest I'm being lazy. I'm tired and the theme is yellow/peach. I really don't own many of these colours... The neon yellow that I wore just last week, a color club peach that I also wore last week brand new coral the polish I want to use which is an old and well loved tarastalons yellow. I just dunno what to do with it yet lol. I have vague ideas of leopard print (along with an old almost-peach) but my brain isn't awake enough to combine colours properly.
All of which brings us to this: Here's a NOTD post. It features another new models own.... New to me not to the world I mean, it's actually from the iced neons collection and is called pink punch. Layered over the white hyperGel whatever that's called and matted with Essie matte about you (actually this polish is old and neglected lol). Ring is the black from the revlon duo I wrote about last week.
Studs I'm pretty sure came from she sells seashells... though they may be from bornpretty store....I just know Moat I'd my embellishments come from she sells cos they have cute unusual little things that catch my eye and sneak into my basket where they sit all lonely until I give them beautiful friends to play with.

I definitely need to sleep lol. X