Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tarastalons fan collection- the Rose

Eep, excited! The second wave of Tara's fan collection is on sale at the tara emporium and on her etsy shop which is accessible from the main webpage. I love fan collections and this one I get to be in! Which makes me happy.
I'm afraid to say that when Tara asked for ideas for the fan collection I didn't do much suggest a polish as write a novel..... brevity is not my strong suit. Nor is making sense! And yet somehow Tara had managed to translate my ramblings into a polish that looks almost exactly like I imagined. Magic.
First, my garbled suggestion:
Ever since I got into polish I've wished someone would sell Dark Tower themed polishes... Just cos I'm obsessed Haha (with polish and with Stephen King's 'the dark tower' series).Don't panic I'm not gonna ramble forever about a whole collection :p just about one polish from an imaginary collection lol. The Rose is central to the story... so I would create a polish called 'the Rose' cos I'm imaginative with words like that :s. The Rose changes colour from dusky pink to a vibrant blood red.... so in my brain it's a thermal polish with those two colours. On the other hand in reality thermal polishes are (I imagine? Lol) difficult, so equally the effect could be achieved with a dusky pink (shimmer?) base with large red glitters. The centre of the Rose contains 'all the suns' in the place of stamen and pollen.... so regular gold glitter there. But also the Rose is sick/under attack which I would reflect with black small/micro glitter.

No, seriously, I am actually obsessed. If I was rich id buy a tonne of polish supplies and play, making nothing but dark Tower polishes (actually I think there is one brand with a dark tower collection but I forget who and it was a 'can't get this in the UK' one anyway). Alas that's just daydreaming. Still I can be very happy with this one real (and beautiful) polish sitting amongst the pretend ones :p.
Now just for the pretty pictures. I apologise for the variation of colour, I need to do something about my lighting lol. And the book is a dark tower novel of course...specifically the third in the series, the wastelands. X