Monday, 24 March 2014

Sarah Smiles swatches :)

Ok so first up I have to confess I left the bottlesin the other room and can't remember the names, sorry! If I think tomorrow I'll check and add them.
That aside, look at the beautiful-ness! Sarah has been running competitions across her social media sites, these were the prize for her Twitter giveaway but the fb and instagram ones are still running so do check them out (sorry my sleep deprived brain is finding it hard to link to the fb one from my phone lol). You can also find her shop on etsy, where there are lots of beautiful polishes and polish related jewellery and things too. I have a worrying feeling that once payday rolls around I will struggle to resist!

Anyway onto the pretties! They were lovely to apply, even the glitter was no hassle whatsoever. I used three coats of the blue and one coat of glitter on my thumb, middle and ring. Two coats of the base would have been fine but I used two  a. Because I was sloppy with the first two coats and b. because of my usual vnl paranoia lol. The blue base colour has shot right up my favourite blues list. I have some beautiful royal and navy blues that I love but I don't really have this colour of sky/baby blue. It feels like a very peaceful colour and the dark blue and silver microgpitter just sets out off beautifully. It also helps it compliment the colours in the glitter topper, though there is also turquoise in the topper too for extra zing.
I am genuinely very excited about these :D. You can't actually but these particular polishes (sorry!) But like I say application is lovely, so do check out the etsy shop for some equally beautiful options. X

Ps. I feel like I've neglected the mh side of my blog recently... But I've got a few 'serious' posts lined up this week so hopefully that'll redress the balance.