Saturday, 8 March 2014

SJPolish... Just for fun

Ok so yea this brand isn't operating anymore.... But I have pictures of pretty polishes and it seems a shame not to share. Plus I really can't think of much to say tonight, I'm tired lol.
So we have the bright pink Strawberry daiquiri... lovely juicy bright pink with a shimmer I can't quite identify... silver? Baby blue? Pass. Doesn't really show in the photos anyway lol.
Then one I forget the name of. Photos are of it over a red I can't remember so it's going well lol. It's somewhere in between a holiday topcoat and a silvery glitter. It's still identifiable as individual glitters but very fine ones.
The third is my favourite and it's called rave. It's glitter in a white base again, so it scores points already... All kinds of neon this time. So much fun. Plus it applied really easily and I didn't have to do two hundred coats. So I'm happy :).
The final polish I bought with these was confetti, which I used a couple weeks ago as a cheat in my GOT valentines mani lol. X