Friday, 21 March 2014

GOT- ruffle

Oops in a day late...I felt rank when I got in from ringing and ended up falling asleep before I got round to posting lol.
Anyway, that aside. Ruffle. I'm not great with ruffles, they always end up wonky and weird and I choose the wrong colours and blah blah blah (I'm rubbish I hate myself why do I even bother etc etc etc who knew a simple ruffle mani was so filled with mental idiocy :p).
I figured since I couldn't be neat id try to be creative instead. Turns out in not great at that either but it gave my brain a moments exercise lol. The theory was to try to get a sort of double ruffle effect by doing smaller dots inside the big dots. I'm not sure it really works but I had fun so who cares? Plus my fingers are slowly, slowly improving! Yay!!
The base is butter London Billy no mates which is an ages old tkmaxx purchase and in fact possibly the first polish I bought from tkmaxx? I should probably remember to use it occasionally! Then we have opi I have a herring problem... Also from tkmaxx, though I forget when if I'm honest, not recently. Finally the pink is L'Oréal insolent magenta. I think I bought it from sainsburys when I needed to buy something to use the carpark, which obviously seemed like a great excuse to buy polish!
There'll be an in linkz here later so do check out all the clever ladies more successful ruffles! X