Saturday, 8 March 2014

The tara emporium-prototype talons

Eee it's that time of the month again (no not that one lol). Time for a subscription parcel from tarastalons, via the tara emporium.

This month we have spring themed names in the form of Ash, March on, Mardi gras and spring. We're creeping out of winter (woo!) And these polishes reflect that.

Ash I wore for work today and my ladies liked it- it's a lot more civilised than me usual colours lol. It's very delicate and quite grown up and even though it's not my kind of colour it is beautiful. I might not wear this alone but I'd love to do some nail art over it, so that's the next plan lol. Photos are three coats- as always I probably used one more coat than strictly necessary lol).
I replaced it with March on when I get home... Now this is definitely my kind of colour. Deep but vibrant with a lovely gentle scattered holo. It's a sunlight on the lake kinda colour. Serene but not boring.
Then I figured I'd add Mardi gras... because, well I was impatient to try it and it seemed like they'd go well together. This contains those fin bright blue hexes and such that are in smurf's up. I find that great fun for some reason amongst what are otherwise fairly subtle glitters. I love black glitters rather a lot so I'm happy there too. All finished off with translucent-y lilac in various shapes, looking like confetti.
And last we have spring which is what I'm wearing now. Hence it looking a tad scruffy, it's late and I'm sleepy lol but I chipped my right hand a lot so 'had' to change. The name pretty much sums this up tbh... it's the world waking up, a meadow at the start of spring coming to life. Deep Green, gentle lilac holo-y iridescence of few drops and dragon flies. And in a total departure from that image it also makes me think of mermaids lol. And Black again Yay! This time as short little bars.
I love all of these, even the one that isn't 'me'... they're well thought out and all balanced and apply nicely (marching on and spring were two coats btw). I dunno what my obsession is with this brand. Well asides from the products being awesome of course...I just don't usually get caught up in a particular brand. *shrug*. So do check out the website linked at the start of this post.... There are several different subscriptions to choose from of you like the look of this as well as many, many beautiful polishes and much more- including jewellery, hand care, barn and body amongst others. X