Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Playing with revlon

Aka, boots 3 for 2 strikes again!
So yea, it turns out I really can't go anywhere near boots without money flying out of my purse....But anyway. Having bought five items I picked this up on a whim as the sixth. It's called revlon nail art chalkboard apparently. Basically it's a matte Black polish with a mate pastel polish at the other end with a striping brush instead of a normal one. This one is very pale purple (the label on the end says 'home-coming). And it was quite fun. I don't actually own a matte black anyway so I figured it'd full that gap if nothing else (though I do own a matte topcoat....). The black applied nicely and the nail art end was easy enough to work with, similar to the brushes in the models own nail art pens. And I did enjoy being a child and doodling! I couldn't resist being entirely childish and doodling randomly, creating a skittle of sorts (my right hand has another five entirely different designs lol... But I'm not great drawing with my leg hand so I skipped photographs haha).
I'm pretty pleased with this asa random little impulse buy.... though I probably won't run out and grab the whole of the rest of the collection or anything lol. X