Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Why I should be banned from boots

Soo I went in looking for nail polish remover and s chap base coat. I ended up spending £41.... How?!

Ok so admittedly a large chunk of that went on a bottle of nail envy. I know, it's massively cheaper online right? Thing is I never remember to order it before my current bottle runs out. Hence the cheap base coat which was meant to fill the gap. Except I was lured by the 3 for 2 mix and match and gave in to temptation. Of course it's totally illogical cos nothing else even came close to the same price lol.
I did get my nail polish remover. And lunch (though the whole meal deal was cheaper than anything else in my basket lol). Also a new bottle of top coat...I can't seem to find one I really like, those is the same as I bought last time but I'm not totally convinced.
Then we have polishes. We have Heather, the lilac from the barry m silks collection. Beautiful and shimmery and delicate for spring time. Cameo crush from the seven rock hard couture collection (cheap and cheerful but full of sparkle and I loved the colour too much to resist). And Two staple kinda colours from the models own hyper gel range. White Light (not pictured) and naked glow.
Now I just need to avoid any shop that sells polish until April at least lol. X

Ps. Bah sorry for the insane chipping even worse pics than usual... my nails chip ridiculously easily, not sure why, so I was trying to grab pics before they disintegrated entirely!