Sunday, 16 March 2014

You are my sunshine

Ah sun! Sun!!! This makes me happy. Spring is my favourite part of the year as the days get longer and the sun comes out.
Considering the beautiful weather I couldn't resist trying out quirk 'sunshine'. This is a gold and yellow glitter and despite the fact it's not really my colour I couldn't resist, it's just so cheerful and... Well, sunny! Lol.
This is one coat over 'mist' another of the barry m silks... cos I was wearing it and it made me think of blue skies so it seemed like an apt partner. The polish applied beautifully with no fishing involved (Yay!). It also has a distinct holo twinkle but I'm not sure that comes across in the photos.
I love this brand a lot, and she's doing some really exciting things. I always look forward to the next release. I'm also worryingly tempted by the next novels and nails package right now :p. Check out the quirk site. X