Sunday, 23 March 2014

NOTD- models own hyperGel

Yes I bought more hypergels on my latest trip to boots. White Light I grabbed because, well you know everyone wants to find that perfect easy to apply white. I quite like this one it's not too streaky...I did have to do a lot of cleanup (but that could be because I was half asleep :p), though it cleaned up pretty easily do that's cool. Coral glaze I couldn't resist just because it's fun and summery and I don't really have a proper coral colour.... Oh yea and dis I mention 3 for 2 lol.

Ok justifications over! I had some time to kill the other afternoon (wow when does that ever happen these days?!) So I decided to play. I'm kinda lacking inspiration atm but I wanted to play with my new pretties and I like coral and white together. Feeling too lazy for art really so I just used a dotting tool to outline each nail. This killed a lot of time so object achieved lol. It's a little wobbly in places and the top coat smudged bits but I quite like it. And it must have been easy cos I did both hands!