Friday, 7 March 2014

World book day and GOT- skittle

So Yea I had meant to do two posts one for wbd and one for GOT but that seemed like too much effort and I had no clue where to start with a got skittle. I kinda intended to do a kids book for world book day but in the end I couldn't resist doing a dark tower design.
Tbh I've been meaning to do a dark tower look for aaages I've just never got around to it. Shame really cos I'm totally obsessed. I've always been a big reader since I was very little reading Dr Zuess with my daddy, going to the library was always a fun weekly event. We'd sit in the kids corner and read something (the cat in the hat was a big favourite) before getting to choose which bonds to take home. That's why I particularly wanted to do a nail thing for today, plus we always used to have fun celebrating at school dressing up Hehe. I confess when I'm leaning towards the depressed side of things I often neglect books altogether but atm in finding fiction to be a wonderful escape from my silly brain.
Anyway, dark tower. One of my friends introduced me to Stephen King in high school so the books were kind of a sharing, friendship-y thing. I bought the fourth dark tower book randomly at a carboot sale (second hand books, woo!) And was pretty much hooked from then on. I hunted down the first, second and third of the series before having to wait patiently for the last three to be published! And there's a special type of patience reserved for obsessive folk desperately waiting for a sequel lol.
Anyway I picked some symbols pertinent to the story. Ka on my index finger- meaning something similar to fate in the dark tower world. The symbol on middle is the sign of eld/the white- the forces of good, the Knights and protectors and such like, it appears on the barrels of the main characters guns. A scruffy looking tower features on the ring finger largely because I ran out of ideas. Pinkie- 19 a number that features heavily in the plot of the later books. The thumb is an eye symbol representing the crimson King who is, to keep this brief, a baddy lol.
The polishes are unnamed red from color club (I used this in another got I think? But haven't used it properly as a full nail since I first got it....I now remember that this is because cleaning it up us a chore!). Black is Essie liquorice which I bought along with snap happy in some dim and distant part of the past and have barely used. I enjoy drawing things even if I do need more practice lol. X