Sunday, 30 March 2014

Models own mush

Yea so obviously I gave in to the six for £20 offer, oops! Anyway it's late so tops isn't going to be an in depth review of anything.

Just a few comments. First, they all apply nicely. Second, I'm having fun playing with pinky brown over different colours. Third, I'm in love with the speckled eggs (especially the green weirdly!). Fourth, I got compliments on several of these... which is good going cos most people have gotten bored and stopped commenting on my continual nail changes lol.

So, in no particular order and with pictures dumped at the bottom:
- the blue speckled egg, duck
- the green speckled egg, magpie
- pinky-Brown, the coats on its own and one coat over Black (Essie liquorice)
- pink punch from the iced neons collection
- hyperGel cornflower gleam
- and mermaid tears over it on middle, ring and thumb

And that's it. X