Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nail art weekly project- glitz and glam

Last one! Sad :(.
I confess I hardly ever go glitzy with my nails, only for special occasions. So this was fun.... even if I was a little uninventive lol. Nail polish has been squeezed out this weekend, in favour of bellringing, so I went for something quick and simple.
I figured I'd break out a couple of the nails Inc glitters that I haven't played with yet.... and what could be more glitz and glam than diamond? Diamond arcade is part of the nail jewellery collection. So at least the name fits the theme of nothing else lol. I used one coat over rimmel Black out on thumb and ring finger. I actually like this polish a lot more than I expected to as well so that's a bonus! The other fingers are a nails Inc 3D glitter called sloane Square. I'm not entirely sure what these glitters are supposed to be (textures? Glitter bombs? Matte glitter?)... They certainly provide full coverage after two coats. There's a mix of gunmetal microglitter and small silver holo hexes in this one and the others are similar composition just different colours. They dry matte and slightly textured though not hugely so, I used one coat of to coat here just to balance s little with the gloss on the other nails and because my nails chip like mad even with topcoat so I don't like going without lol. Anyway despite my slight confusion over their identity I do actually love the effect and I like the colour of this one. I like the fact that it's blackened instead of pure silver, it makes it now interesting and means it's not similar to anything in my collection.

Anyway ramble, ramble it must be bed time. X